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If you wish to advertise your Web-based sites/applications on the new m.UW dashboard, there are certain guidelines we would like you to follow:

  • The site should be a UW property or part of the UW family.
  • The site should be Web-based. While there is a place for native apps, this is primarily a Web dashboard and the links need to point to sites available via the Web.
  • In order to keep the experience consistent, we will review sites for at least the minimal standard of official branding. We are not expecting a cookie-cutter template that looks just like the main UW websites, but sites that want to be added to the dashboard will need a strong UW identity using approved marks and/or logos. The Block W, for example. (Link to a page in with brand guidelines and the header/footer wizard.)
  • We strongly recommend your site be built using responsive design to handle mobile devices of all sizes as well as desktops.

If your site falls inline then please email us at with the following information:

  • Url of Site
  • Department Name
  • Official Contact Information



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