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Welcome to the Web Publishing Wiki

This space is designed to provide the UW community with documentation, best practices, and tutorials on how to use popular applications with the Uniform Access Web Publishing systems. This space is not intended to include every possible use case, and in many cases will only cover settings and configurations that are unique to our systems. For use information, you should consult with your application's documentation.

We're currently testing this format with a few pieces of documentation that have required recent updates. If you log in, feel free to leave a comment on a page if you have any feedback. Thanks!




Scripting and Programming

cron Best Practices

PHP Hypertext Preprocessor

Server Upgrades

Upgrade DateHostsLink to Details
October 2013depts/courses/faculty/staff 
October 2013 Server Upgrade and Documentation
May 2012ovids, depts/courses/faculty/staff 
May 2012 Server Upgrade and Documentation



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