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  • Adding Administrators, Editors, or Users to your Blog
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In many situations, it is often desirable to add additional administrators, editors, or authors to your blog. While only faculty, and staff can "own" a blog, they can add any UW NetID holder to the site as an administrator once the blog is set up.

Caveats and Pre-Requisites

Users must have a UW NetID in order to log into the UW Blogs Network. If you have a non-UW collaborator, you will need to sponsor them for a UW NetID.

Users must have logged into the Blogs Network prior to being added to your site. If you get an error about adding a user below, then have them log in at to ensure that they're in the system. WordPress user accounts are created upon initial login to the UW Blogs Network.


  1. Go to your blog administrative interface. The URL should be in the format of<NetID>/wp-admin
    1. Example:
  2. Click on "Users" and then "All Users."
  3. Is the user you want to grant permissions to listed? 
    1. If yes, check the checkbox next to their NetID and then click on "Change role to..." and select their new role in the drop down box. Click on "change" to commit these changes. You're done!
    2. If no, then you can add them using the "Add New" button at the top of the Users page. Enter their UW Email address. Use the format of <netid>
  4. The user will then get an email asking to confirm adding them to your site.
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