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Comment policy and moderation is the responsibility of individual site owners. As such, a large degree of flexibility is presented for selection and management. We think our default settings offer a good mixture of convenience and usability, but you are free to modify them as you wish.

Note on UW NetID-holders "Anonymous" Commenting

According to the blogs network, there are two classes of users: registered users, and unregistered users. In our implementation, all users with a UW NetID are "registered" users insofar that they can "log in" with their UW NetID. If you don't have a UW NetID, then you cannot be a registered user: you must comment anonymously.


By default, blogs are created with the following settings:

  • The first comment from a new author will be held for moderation.
  • Non-NetID holders can comment, but they must enter in their name and email address.
  • NetID holders can comment by logging into the site.

You can review your settings by Logging into your Dashboard and then going to "Settings->Discussion"

NetID Required for Commenting

If you want to disallow semi-anonymous commenting, then you will want to start by Logging into your Dashboard and then going to "Settings->Discussion" and check "Users must be registered and logged in to comment."

Note: All NetID holders are automatically "registered," so please ignore any message about disabled signup.

Deactivate Comments

If you want to disable all commenting, begin by Logging into your Dashboard and then going to "Settings->Discussion" and uncheck "Allow people to post comments on new articles.

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