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Page: Activating Plugins
About Plugins There are a lot of really handy plugins and features that are available for WordPress that add new features and expand upon existing ones. We've included some of the most useful plugins in our Blogs network, and all you have to do is activat
Page: Activating your Blog
Activating your Blog Next Steps After your blog is set up, we recommend viewing Getting Started with your Blog.
Page: Add or Remove your Blog from the Blog List and Recent Posts
Add or Remove your Blog from the Blog List and Recent Posts The Blog List is an automatically generated page on the UW Blogs Network portal that displays a list of current blogs. The recent posts widget is displayed on the portal home screen and highlight
Page: Adding Administrators, Editors, or Users to your Blog
Overview In many situations, it is often desirable to add additional administrators, editors, or authors to your blog. While only faculty, and staff can "own" a blog, they can add any UW NetID holder to the site as an administrator once the blog is set up


Page: Blogs Network Policies
Relevant UW Policies All relevant guidelines that govern your use of web publishing on your personal or shared NetID also apply to your site on the UW WordPress network. Appropriate Use of UW Resources UW DMCA (


Page: Changing the Name or Tagline of your Blog
Changing the Name or Tagline of your Blog Your blog is automatically created with a name closely resembling "Blog of <NetID>." It is often desirable to change this to something a little more creative, descriptive, or unique. Additionally, you can change y
Page: Comment Management
Introduction Comment policy and moderation is the responsibility of individual site owners. As such, a large degree of flexibility is presented for selection and management. We think our default settings offer a good mixture of convenience and usability,
Page: Contacting Us
Your feedback is always welcome. Please contact us at for comments, questions, or concerns.
Page: Custom URLs for your blog
All UW WordPress Network blogs will be accessed via links like: However, to achieve a custom address, the URL Forwarding service can be used with WordPress Network blogs. That would allow use of a custom domain address which would forwa




Page: FAQ
Answers to Common Questions of UW Blogs Network Blog Owners When should I choose a WordPress Network blog vs. setting up my own? Setting up a WordPress blog on the UW Web Publishing site can be a difficult and time-consuming task. It involves downloading,


Page: Getting Started with your Blog
Getting Started Congratulations! Now that you've activated your blog, you're ready to start adding content. WordPress is an application that is best learned by diving in and exploring what it can do, but there are many resources online that can help you g


Home page: Home
Table of Contents About the service In response to the rising popularity of Wordpress blog sites at the UW, UW-IT, UW Marketing and other partners have launched UW Blogs Network, an easy-to-use blog service for faculty and staff. The new service cost is c


Page: Importing From Another Site
Overview It's possible to transfer content from one WordPress install to another. Posts, pages, comments, custom fields, categories, and tags are all included and should work without too much additional effort. Media, pictures, and other data may not work




Page: Logging into your Dashboard
Logging into your Dashboard The dashboard is the central WordPress experience for users and administrators. You can edit your profile, administrate your blog, and perform other functions as necessary. There are multiple ways to access your dashboard. Go t








Page: Space Index


Page: Tracking Visitors
Overview Two different plugins offer the ability to track visits to your blog. Both require activating an account on a 3rd party server. Jetpack is tightly integrated with WordPress and is easier to set up, while Google Analytics is more powerful. Option


Page: Using the Redirect Theme
Simple theme that will redirect all page requests to a new specified location. UW Multisite offers a special 'Redirect' Theme to be used in cases where the site is being replaced either temporarily or permanently by a site in a different location. The Re
Page: UW Blogs Network Administration
Administering Your Blog We're currently in the process of writing documentation outlining commonly-asked questions and UW-specific tasks. A current list of pages is below: Answers to Common Questions of UW Blogs Network Blog Owners Answers to Common Quest







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