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Simple theme that will redirect all page requests to a new specified location.

UW Multisite offers a special 'Redirect' Theme to be used in cases where the site is being replaced either temporarily or permanently by a site in a different location.  The Redirect theme will replace the existing site with a simple page that links to the new site and will forward the user there after 5 seconds.  The default setting is the site itself, which can look like it is looping.  

Please follow these instructions to add/change the redirect location.

 1. Open the site as an admin 
2. Select 'Appearance' and then 'Themes' from the left hand menu. 
3. Select and Activate the 'Redirect' Theme 
4. Select 'Settings' and then 'Redirect Options' from the left hand menu. 
5. Add the url of the website to redirect to in the box just to the left of 'Redirect URL' (It can be hard to see depending on your monitor brightness) 
6. Save changes. 
7. Test. 

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