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  1. ISC Timelines for (a) Workday 32 Update (b) NWH (c) Supervisory Org Change (2019-02-05).docx

    - DRAFT.xlsx  (b) NWH IntegrationManoj Joshi < HYPERLINK "">“UWIT – NWH High Level Workplan v2” (Excel file with 3 tabs, EIP … "" \l "/myrequest/REQ2144319" REQ2144319 (EIP)   Additional info from Zynovia … to my Qs on NWH Ps vs. WD updates (32
  2. MD Connections.xlsx

    Knowledge Navigator / … / Metadata SourcesJul 13, 2015
  3. Mockup Prioritization Board   EDW Cutover  DP-51   Analyze Impact of removing EIP DQ rules … ) --------------------------------------------------- Document Mits and Validate Business Rules EIP-4514
    Data PlatformMar 16, 2021
  4. EDW Cross Team FY21Q1 Meeting Notes  IN ANALYSIS  HRP: Teaching professorial changes: Assess impact of Workday changes to EIP/EDW EDW-19933 … of Workday changes to EIP/EDW EDW-19933 IN DEV ACAD: 2020 Load of CIP Codes EDW-20055
    Enterprise Data WarehouseSep 23, 2020
  5. Test Roadmap

    :   Kyle Kingma set priority on 11/5 (Needs DP-WP review):  Prod support as needed Analyze Impact of removing EIP DQ rules that Delete data (Exclude Stage DQ … -18770 Next Priority Refinement Compare EIP Model to EDW and update to EDW standards DP-1
    Data PlatformDec 28, 2020
  6. iam-compdirs-april-2015.pptx

    ) Login to Workday (including MFA) Login to Workday Mobile IAM solutions for Hiring Portal UW Directory provisioning Integrate RegIDs into EIP and EDW Downstream
  7. Information Technology Capability

     (service catalog) Integrations Enterprise Integration Platform > EIP System Diagram: EIP System Diagram People and Identity UW Identity and Access Management Services > Groups Service Architecture: Groups Service
    Enterprise ArchitectureOct 18, 2016
  8. AAD Risk Scoring Team Kickoff      Example request: App Name: EIP Azure Key Vault App Type: 5 - Daemon or server … Integration Platform to securely store and retrieve cryptographic keys in the Azure Vault service. The UW EIP provides a broad integration service to core UW data
    Microsoft InfrastructureApr 22, 2016
  9. EDW Cross Team FY19Q3 Meeting Notes

    environment prep - almost done Reporting test needs - none? to verify - FAS data is not going to be processed thru EIP as part of NWH … priority - for Kumiko & some individuals, but not necessarily for cross-team Work planning is spinning up in earnest for EIP, EWS, EDW- see emails from Manoj BI
    Enterprise Data WarehouseMar 19, 2019
  10. EDW Cross Team FY19Q4 Meeting Notes Ongoing - P1 finishes on 5/10 From NWH EDB 3 files: EIP did all that could be done based on info provided by NWH … affiliation From : Staging work can be done (EIP deployed 3 new feeds - EIP-5248
    Enterprise Data WarehouseJun 25, 2019