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    Intel MPI Hyak Job Logs Hyak Job Scheduler Hyak Job Scheduler Changes Hyak Job Script Matrix Hyak Julia programming Hyak Linux file transfer Hyak MATLAB Hyak MATLAB programming Hyak MEEP Hyak MPICH2-MX Hyak Mac file transfer Hyak Mathematica Hyak Node Hardware Hyak OS Hyak Open MPI Hyak Paraview Hyak
    Hyak User DocumentationSep 06, 2016
  2. Hyak parallel-sql

    . For instance, a path to a program (e.g. Matlab) and a set of command line arguments (input parameters). A task must use only one core. job: an instance of parallel-sql …   module load parallel_sql   #Put here commands to load other modules (e.g. matlab etc.)   #Below command means that parallel_sql will get tasks from
    Hyak User DocumentationAug 08, 2019
  3. WIKI for Hyak users

    to use Python, Matlab and R on hyak. Hyak wiki pages Index Hyak_wiki_Index Below is a list of Hyak wiki pages which do not start with the word Hyak. Managing
    Hyak User DocumentationOct 09, 2020