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  1. Mox_scheduler

    with srun: The build node can connect to outside mox. It is useful for using git, transferring files to outside mox or getting files from outside moxMox uses a scheduler called slurm. Below xyz is your hyak group name and abc is your UW netid. To logon to mox.hyak: ssh mailto
    Hyak User DocumentationAug 25, 2020
  2. Mox_healpix

    userid. (1) srun -p build --time=2:00:00 --mem=100G --pty /bin/bash (2) mkdir /gscratch/xyz/abc/healpix_stuff (3) download the healpix source code tar.gz file to you desktop (4) sftp the healpix source code tar.gz file from your desktop to mox directory /gscratch/xyz/abc/healpix_stuff (5) cd /gscratch/xyz/abc
    Hyak User DocumentationSep 15, 2019
  3. Hyak mox Overview

    High Level Differences from ikt.hyak, the 1st generation Hyak system (retired March 2020). Mox is an entirely separate cluster. They share nothing with one … any problems to with Hyak as the first word in the subject. Please also let us know you're using mox not ikt. Connecting SSH
    Hyak User DocumentationAug 25, 2020
  4. Hyak_modules

    owns the module. For advanced users only: Examples of module files: On ikt, you can see module files at: /sw/Modules/modulefiles On mox, you can see module files at: /sw/modules-1.775/modulefiles How to create your own modules: Suppose version 1.0 of your executable myprogram is in the directory /sw/contrib
    Hyak User DocumentationDec 18, 2019
  5. Hyak R programming

    or ikt.hyak. It is useful for using git, transferring files to outside mox or getting files from outside hyak, installing packages in R or Python etc. To get … parameter every time. In that case, you can put the below in your .bashrc file export R_LIBS="/gscratch/XYZ/abc/rpackages" Now you can load the library by just
    Hyak User DocumentationNov 04, 2019
  6. How to access google drive from Mox

      Step-by-step guide to using "drive" (a google drive push/pull client written in "go" and preinstalled in /sw/crontrib/go on Hyak/Mox. Note: Needs a build … session on a build node on Mox: salloc -p build srun --pty bash 2. add these paths to your ~/.bashrc (or just export them, you might not even need all of them
    Hyak User ContributionsOct 23, 2017
  7. Hyak Serial Job Scripts

    be at the bottom of the slurm script shown at the end of this link: Mox_scheduler In below examples, for ikt, use -j 16. For mox use -j 28. Example 1 File … is shown below: cat mytasklist | parallel -j 16 --joblog  paralleljobs.log  --resume  Example 2 In this example, you set up a file containing a list of arguments
    Hyak User DocumentationJun 01, 2018
  8. Mox_hyak_file_transfer

    File Transfers Internal to Hyak systems You can copy files at high speed without a password between the Hyak systems using commands like the ones below. Here ikt is hyak classic and mox is hyak nextgen. Below xyz is your group name and abc is your userid. (If you are using a non-default PATH environment variable
    Hyak User DocumentationMar 22, 2017
  9. Managing your Files

    on file group association. Check your quotas with the mmlsquota command: MOX: mmlsquota -j mygroup --block-size G gscratch Usage reporting is written to each … Hyak File Systems GSCRATCH Each Hyak group has an eponymous shared scratch directory under /gscratch which is shared among all Hyak nodes. If your group
    Hyak User DocumentationAug 25, 2020
  10. Mox Job Profiling

    A Grafana dashboard containing graphs of job resource usage over time is available at: The dashboard can be reached from the campus network, or via Husky OnNet VPN
    Hyak User DocumentationMay 15, 2019