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is established to name groups based on the UW NetID namespace.  Under this stem is a stem for each UW NetID, including personal, shared, and admin UW NetIDs, but not temp UW NetIDs or reserved UW NetIDsfor selected UW NetID types.  Supported UW NetID types currently include only personal and shared UW NetIDs.  For example,


is a stem whose naming authority is the person holding the personal UW NetID "rlbob".  Examples of group names based on that stem are:


The stem based on a shared UW NetID has as a naming authority the owners of that shared UW NetID, or their delegates. Capability to manage groups using that stem is handled consistently with management of access to other resources available to that shared UW NetID.  For example, the a shared UW NetID "cacdeptxyz" has would have the stem:


Examples of  group names based on that stem are:


The syntax of group names under the UW NetID stem is not further constrained.


Groups named to support UW organizations use short organization identifiers as the component following the uw_ stem.  Typically these names are used as stems for the management of potentially many groups within that organization.  As a general rule names under this stem will correspond to DNS subdomains under that have been delegated for organizational use.  For example, if a fictional UW organization "Pavement Science" has an existing DNS subdomain "", then


could be a group stem delegated to the UW Computer Science department, corresponding to the DNS domain used by that departmentthat organization, and

  uw_cspavesci_staffpostdocs_partthird-time year

could be groups under that stem. 


Note:  Changes affecting the use or deployment of the naming plan are recorded here.  Editorial changes or clarifications need not be recorded here.





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