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Document the proposed transitions of UW Medicine affiliation groups through NWH integration and UW Medicine IAM Replacement project.


Subscription codeGroup ID - Current StateProposed - January 1, 2020
End of NWH Integration
Proposed - March 30, 2020
End of UWM IAM Replacement
13: UW Medicine Workforceuw_affiliation_uw-medicine-workforce
Adiós amigos!
76: UWP Provideruw_affiliation_uwp-provider
Adiós amigos!
validmay be removed
77: UWP Admin Staffuw_affiliation_uwp-staff
Adiós amigos!
removednot sure
80: UWPN Admin Staffuw_affiliation_uwnc-staff (maybe?)
Adiós amigos!
validnot sure
104: NWHMC Admin Staffuw_affiliation_nwh-staff
Bye, bye!
removednot sure
105: NWHMC Provideruw_affiliation_nwh-provider
Bye, bye!
removednot sure