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Strategy Statement: (Very brief description of how outcomes will be achieved)

Vision: (Very brief description of the future state)

Within UW-IT, fragmented teams duplicate work ....

(EAA-15) Support and continue to grow the UW-IT strategy management practice.

UW-IT strategy is clear to teams within the organization and to external stakeholders.

UW-IT decision-making is easier for teams.

 (EAA-6) Facilitate the Service Management Board.UW-IT can SMB stakeholders use EA tools to demonstrate to stakeholders that IT investments better align with expressed needs.
Large transformational projects require discipline and practices with which UW has little experience.

(EAA-16) Provide business and data architecture support to the discovery phase of the Finance Transformation program.

(EAA-320) Facilitate definition of governance processes for the Integrated Service Center.

(EAA-62) Facilitate design and configuration of the knowledge base for the Integrated Service Center.

(P) Implementation of a UW-wide application registry.

Need for cost savings drives demand for better information and methods for decision-making.

(EAA-18) Improve access to EA resources such as reference architectures and methods.

(EAA-55) Facilitate restarting the UW Data Management Committee.

(P) Implementation of a UW-wide application registry.

(P) Create a platform for data governance and/or source-target mapping and/or reference data management.

(F) Grow architecture governance and the use of reference architectures.

(F) Offer an EA training curriculum in architecture methods and concepts.

IT projects are more effective as a result of improved architecture guidance from governance processes and the application of reference architectures.

Teams and projects are more effective as a result of applying architecture methods and concepts.

Risk management??  
Need for cost savings drives demand for improved process and operations.


Shifts in higher education demand readiness on the part of the UW.

(F) Grow EA outreach and strengthen relationships with leaders.

(F) Improve published EA communication materials for our sponsors, partners, and customers.

The EA team receives more guidance from others to make its work more effective for the UW.

EA coordination with sponsors, partners, and customers is improved as a result of better updates about the EA teams work.

More projects that demand and deserve EA attention than EA resources.

(C) Improve EA internal work management and document management practices.


The EA team is more effective for our customers as a result of more consistent document management, customer communication, and issue tracking.

Increase in scope and types of EA engagements demand better and more consistent engagements.

Improve EA engagement management.

EA engagements are more effective for our customers as a result of more focused EA engagements with better defined roles and deliverables.