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You can get to this top level page using the address:

System Status

Hyak consists of two independent clusters: ikt.hyak (hyak classic) and mox.hyak (hyak next-gen).

Current Status

June 2, 2017 8:15a


CPU and storage options are available for purchase to Hyak users associated with sponsored campus units. New nodes will be part of mox.hyak.

This information is provided for preliminary planing purposes only. Please contact for assistance in preparing actual Hyak hardware configurations.


All Hyak use is mediated by the system scheduler. This section provides details on using the scheduler to run interactive, batch, and parallel jobs. It also includes instructions for using the scheduler to monitor your jobs and the cluster status.

ikt.Hyak uses TORQUE scheduler. It is controlled through several commands like qsub for starting a job or qdel for canceling a job. Jobs are supposed to must be submitted via login nodes.

mox.hyak uses the slurm scheduler. Jobs must be submitted via the login nodes.

Getting Help

If you use the STF (Student Technology Fee) allocation, please join the mailing list for the HPC club ( and direct all questions there. Do not contact UW-IT for support.