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The syntax of group names under the UW NetID stem is not further constrained.

4.2  UW Affiliation/Organization stem

A stem:


is established to name groups with memberships based on UW affiliations and UW organizations.  For example:


is the group whose members have the affiliation "student". 

The use of this stem may be extended to support other affiliation-oriented group names, possibly in a hierarchical delegated fashion (e.g. uw_someorg_foo).

One source of affiliation names is the eduPersonAffiliation attribute defined in the eduPersonspecification.  Other affiliation names might be added locally at UW.

Groups named to support UW organizations use short organization identifiers as the component following the uw_ stem.  Typically these names are used as stems for the management of potentially many groups within that organization.  As a general rule names under this stem will correspond to DNS subdomains under that have been delegated for organizational use.  For example


could be a group delegated to the UW Computer Science department, corresponding to the DNS domain used by that department, and


could be groups under that stem. 

This organizational naming plan could be superseded at some point by a more formal and comprehensive UW organization registry that would include allocation of short identifiers for these purposes. 

The syntax of group names under the UW Affiliation stem is not further constrained. 


Note:  Changes affecting the use or deployment of the naming plan are recorded here.  Editorial changes or clarifications need not be recorded here.

2008 June 11, RL "Bob" Morgan

  • Change section 4.2 to include support for organization names under the uw_ stem. 

2008 May 28, RL "Bob" Morgan:

  • Change section 4.1 (UW NetiD Stem) to indicate that admin netids can have these groups, but mailing list names cannot.
  • Remove "Proposal" from document name.