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  • 2019-11-18 azuread-govteam mtg

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  • Extended discussion of 2FA. General agreement that option 1a is inevitable, but we might do 5a first. Becky & Mick have questions about implementation, which we aren't really ready to deal with, but have some sense of how to deal with.
  • Some discussion of AMC. Discussion branches out to access control, agreement that data controls (via AIP & DLP) are what they need.
  • Agreement that this CHG should be approved. Scott has concerns about tadm accounts & discoverability of group membership. Comprehensive CHGs as noted will remain in CHG. Routine CHGs can be REQs, provided adequate tagging to provide discoverability is in place.
  • Agreement to use for Azure AD App Proxy domain name.

  • Agreement that MWS/MI should look at staged hybrid join to move device proplus forward.