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  • 2020-05-11 azuread-govteam mtg

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Discussion Notes:Attending: 

Autopilot: Brian to submit list of planned changes & expected impacts to Nathan & Scott

CHG0037805 : Try out transition approach for A5 group, then if works, transition the others. Transition approach:

  1. create new lic_ group in EO
  2. assign license to new lic_ group
  3. update subscription code to add user for given license to both old group & new group
  4. wait for relative stability, i.e. both groups have same membership
  5. remove old lic_ group from subscription code
  6. unassign license from old lic_ group
  7. transition complete

AAD group strategy: Good lists of problems & solutions. Needs to be pulled into separate strategy doc & worked in.

AAD strategy on page: Wrestling with vendor vs uw goals & the right format. Agreement that transparency and currency (keeping it up to date) are important. Also agreement that this group should have input. AAD capability map & book of work shown as possible other formats which might be useful for this.

Attending: Nathan, Scott, Roland, Jonathan, Josh, Rupert, Becky, Brian