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Some groups are managed by individual people and teams for ad hoc purposes such as collaboration. Other groups are managed for more general purposes by UW organizations or by institutional processes , such as UW course enrollment, for more general purposes. Reuse and delegated management authority are guiding principles. As such, the service is available for the use of the University of Washington community, including users and organizations of all kinds. enrollments or UW employee appointments.

This diversity of group information sources and varied application uses is enabled by a delegated model of management authority: any member of the UW community can use the service to manage groups under their authority and delegate that authority to others as needed.

However, end-user access to the Groups service's web browser interface requires a personal UW NetID, so use via supplemental (aka shared) UW NetIDs is not permitted. Programmatic Similarly, programmatic access to the REST interface requires client authentication using a certificate issued by the UW Services CA.