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This reference architecture is now known as the Workday Reference,


Core, and Metadata


Current Documents

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Working Documents

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View and comment on the working group's current working draft. This version is not reviewed or approved and is subject to change:




Charged and reviewed by the Data Governance & Finance Transformation Task Force (part of UW Data Governance):

  • Christina Mercer
  • Erin Guthrie
  • Rachel Gatlin
  • Nancy Jagger
  • Richard Fenger
  • Paula Ross
  • Rupert Berk
  • Lisa Pascuzzi
  • Brett Simmons
  • Jeff Techico
  • Ann Nagel
  • Beth Britt
  • Doug Divine
  • Karen Matheson

Additional reviewers in UW-IT:

  • Anja Canfield-Budde
  • Rob McDade
  • Bart Pietrzak
  • John Mobley
  • Matt Portwood
  • Jim Phelps

Editor: Piet Niederhausen