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Problem Statement

You're working with a non-employee (3rd party) and would like them to use a UW Service CA certificate. However, they can't submit a certificate signing request (CSR) to the UW Service CA. What can you do?


You can submit the request on their behalf and send them the signed X.509 certificate. Here's how:


2. Be sure to include your UW NetID when requesting the new DNS name. The UW Services CA authorizes users again UW NetIDs registered as UW DNS name contacts. Refer to Managing DNS Names For Infrastructure Services Access.

3. Ask the non-employee (3rd party) to generate a new RSA private key and CSR for the DNS name you've registered.


7. Send the certificate to the non-employee (3rd party).

8. Direct the third party to install the UW Services CA root certificate too. Refer to

9. Manage the lifecycle of the certificate as needed over time.


By establishing a DNS name for your non-employee (3rd party) application, you can obtain a UW Services CA certificate for them without having to send any private keys via insecure email. They send you the CSR; you send them the signed certificate.