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Ordering New Licenses

If a user does not already have a license and the department does not have any licenses to transfer to the employee, a new license can be ordered/provisioned.


  1. Ensure that the manager/supervisor of the requestor is on the ticket and has granted permission (let them know the cost and that it is billed annually)
  2. Verify which type of license they want (Adobe Creative Cloud Suite or Adobe Acrobat Pro DC)
    1. If they need more details, direct them here
  3. Get the NetID of the supervisor, the NetID of the employee getting the license, and the budget number the license will be ordered on
  4. Go to the Adobe Order Form
  5. Enter the corresponding information
    1. When you enter the NetIDs of the supervisor and employee, if they have a work phone number it will auto-populate. If they do not, you can write "N/A"
  6. Submit the form
  7. These licenses normally have a quick turnaround, so check back with your tickets frequently by going to My Requests
  8. Once UW-IT verifies that the license is provisioned and ready, update the ticket letting them know that Adobe will reach out to them in the coming hours with instructions for how to download and install the software.
    1. If they had an older version of Adobe Acrobat before getting Adobe Acrobat Pro DC...
      1. Have them Set the New Adobe Acrobat as their Primary PDF Viewer
      2. Have them Remove the Older Adobe Acrobat Version