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titleChanges Coming Soon

HRP Modernization and Workday is coming!

  • Employee groups may be impacted by the HRP Modernization project and implementation of Workday.

  • We don't know how yet, so we're notifying customers so that we can coordinate before and during the transition.

  • We're asking customers to help us update the contact person we should be working with for each set of existing employee groups.

  • We will work with customers and HRP Modernization project to ensure a smooth transition

    We've transitioned employee groups previously sourced from HEPPS data to newly modeled Workday sourced groups.

    New HR groups will be provisioned for current employee group customers using data sourced from Workday. See the UW Human Resource Groups page for more information.

    The existing 2015 biennium groups will remain but once we transition to the updated ODS those groups will no longer be updated and will quickly become stale and outdated.


    This document describes support in the UW groups service for employee groups comprising current UW academic personnel, faculty, staff, and student employees by department or unit. This document covers group naming, data integration, data quality, lifecycle, classification, and access control. UW employee groups are created by customer request for departments and other units with a business need for them.