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  • PUT| (root)/group/{group_id}/member/{member_id}
  • PUT| (root)/group/{group_id}/member/{member_id},{member_id},...

The group_id can be a group name (cn) or a regid.
A set of members can be specified with a comma-separated list.


  • The response will be 404 only if the group is not found. If one or members are not found the response will be 200 and a class="notfoundmembers" element will be included, containing one "notfoundmember" element for each bogus member.
    Code Block
      <span class="notfoundmembers">
        <span class="notfoundmember"> _member_id_ <>member_id</span>
  • The response always includes an ETag header, which can be used on subsequent GETs.