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Current location of ASTRA documentation:

Updated ASTRA documentation:

Site Audience:

  • ASTRA Authorizers and Delegators
  • Consuming application users authorized viaASTRA
  • Business Application Owners (Service Owners and Operators)
  • Consuming application Developers
  • Data custodians

Site Purpose: This site provides access to ASTRA documentation in wiki format.



ASTRA Authorizer and Delegator Information

This section contains documents of interest for ASTRA authorizers and delegators: people who use ASTRA to grant authorizations to others.


End User Information


Developer Information

This section contains documents of general interest to developers using ASTRA.

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ASTRA Data Custodian Information

This section contains documents of interest for data custodians who have a stake in how their data is being used by consuming appplications that use ASTRA.


ASTRA Business Owner/Service Operator/Service Owner Information




ASTRA (Access to Systems, Tools, Resources and Applications) is an access management service that stores authorization information about who can use a wide variety of UW administrative applications and other resources.

For a quick overview of the applications that use ASTRA and its high-level capabilities, please refer to the ASTRA overview in IT Connect.

What Authorizations Are Assigned To You

If you want to find out what authorizations are assigned to you in ASTRA do the following:

  1. Go to the ASTRA web application
  2. Click on "Show me my authorizations" to view your current active authorizations

Who To Contact For An Authorization

If you want to find out who can authorize you for an application in ASTRA do the following:

  1. Go to the ASTRA web application
  2. Click on "Who can authorize me?" to find an appropriate authorizer's contact information

ASTRA Web Application URLs, by environment:




Service Levels

ASTRA is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with the exception of irregularly scheduled maintenance.

For further information see Access Management Service Level Agreement.

History / Multiple systems, one central authorization tool

Over the past decade many new web-based administrative applications have been implemented at the University of Washington.  As these systems were introduced, procedures and mechanisms to control access to them were also developed.  In order to counter the proliferation of authorization mechanisms a central, infrastructural approach to authorization has been developed.  ASTRA represents that approach:  The goal of ASTRA is to provide a single point of entry for authorization on the Web.


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