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UW-Groups Delegated Access

To see how to set up UW-Group delegation, please refer to the following article:
How to Set Up Delegate Using UW Groups for NetIDs

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titleAttn: users

If your email is actively used by more than 10 people, such as "", for the people who:

  • Only need to send email and confirm that their email went through (they'll receive a copy of the sent email in their "Sent Items")
  • Are annoyed by notifications on outlook due to sheer volume of email traffic

Follow the "Old Delegate" "Send-As" instructions only, do not follow "Full Access"

Those users can also use this like to open up on as well:

(or follow the steps below under: "Open the shared mailbox in a separate browser window"),open%2C%20and%20then%20click%20Open.

The Core User base (such as the GAs under GCA) who actively monitors that Shared Email account, can follow the instructions under "Shared NetID" or "New Delegate" (they're the same I think?).

Shared NetID

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Adding a shared NetID to your Outlook

  1. From Outlook client, click on "File" ribbon located on upper left corner 
  2. Click "Add Account" and enter the shared NetID you want to use

  3. Web login will show up – if not, that's okay too. Likely means it's cached in. Make sure to login with their own NetID!

  4. Restart your outlook and you should be good to go!

Note*: After the restart, if you cannot expand the inbox, it'll likely mean they do not have access to the shared email. Make sure to send an email to UW-IT about Full-Access & Send As Permission (refer to this article: ). If that is not an issue, well. You are on your own, buddy.

New Delegate

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  1. Click on File tab located upper left corner and click Add Account

  2. Type in your shared email address

  3. You will then be prompted to the login form like below. Click on Sign in with another account

  4. Then enter your full UW email address in the next page:

When you restart your Outlook, new email should be in there Outlook Web App (OWA)

Open and use a shared mailbox in Outlook on the web - Microsoft Support

Old Delegate

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Full-Access permissions grant you the ability to view the inbox.

Full-Access also always accompanies Send-As. Also, if you Reply to emails directly from the Shared Mailbox, you will be sending as the mailbox address.

Steps for Adding Full-Access Account:

  1. Click the File tab in the top left corner

  2. Click on Account Settings

  3. Navigate to Data Files tab

  4. Double-click on your NetID and navigate to Advanced tab

  5. Un-check Download shared folders. It prevents being able to search additional mailboxes for whatever reason. (Needs verification 12/2021)
    1. (Optional) You can check Download Public Folder Favorites if you wish

  6. Click Add...

  7. Type the email or NetID you were granted Full Access with

  8. Exit with Ok, then Apply. Return to the default screen.

You should see the new email account added.

If you wish to Compose New Emails and send them as the GCAHelp or the shared email account, then follow the Send-As instructions below.

Send-As Send-As

If you have full access, then you'll have this, too. UW-IT doesn't generally allow granting Full-Access without Send-As permissions.

This means you won't be able to add the Mailbox, but you will be able to send emails from GCAHelp.

If you do not have full-access, then you will receive a copy of the sent email in your Sent Items inbox, but rest assured that it will also be present in the gcahelp (or shared email) Sent-Items folder.

Steps for Using Send-As:

  1. Open up a New Email or Reply to an email

  2. Go to the Options tab, and press on the From field to Activate it the field

  3. Once activated, click on From dropdown next to the Send button and select Other E-mail Address...

  4. Type in your shared email address that you have Send-As permission on

After adding this, the address gets saved in the "From" dropdown near the Send button.

You do not need to actually send the email (feel free to send a test message to yourself though, just label it as such). Go ahead and close the window.

Manual Grant Analyst (GA)-specific Account-adding Instructions

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idConventional Instructions

idConventional Instructions

Q: Why are there 2 email accounts?!?

A: GAs called for the transitioning towards exchange mail server, because they keep tally of the items in Deleted Folder for their matrix. The IMAP server, if not configured correctly, is defaulted to purge deleted items when switching folders. In Exchange, this option is not available, the only known cause of unintentional purge is "do you want to permanently delete all the items and subfolders in the "Deleted Items" folder for all accounts?" checkbox (see troubleshooting section).

The following instructions may resemble gcacash email account setup:

From Control Panel
  1. Close Outlook if open
  2. Go to Control Panel -> Mail (32-bit)
  3. Go to E-mail Accounts
  4. Click New
  5. Select E-mail Account
  6. Click Next>
  7. Enter the following
    1. Your Name: gcahelp
    2. E-mail Address:
    3. Password: [redacted, see PINS]
    4. Retype Password: [redacted, see PINS]
  8. Click Next>
  9. Click Finish after configuration completed.

From E-mail Accounts
  1. Select
  2. Click Change
  3. Uncheck Use Cached Exchange Mode
  4. Click Next>
  5. Click Finish
  6. Close E-mail Accounts
  7. Open Outlook
    1. If prompted Enter password for netid\gcahelp
    2. Check Remember password
  8. Click Ok

After logging in, you will be faced with a UW Weblogin page for SAML OAuth authentication. Enter the credentials for gcahelp. Failing to do so will get you locked out and you will need to go into the registry to purge some Identity keys.

Due to GCAhelp capacity either also change the Send/Receive intervals, OR disable notifications. Uncheck all in File>Options>Mail | Message Arrival


If gcahelp exchange inbox gets purge, someone with exchange has "do you want to permanently delete all the items and subfolders in the "Deleted Items" folder for all accounts?" box checked. Kristen says that this is default behavior.