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This document describes support of UW course groups in the UW groups service, including naming, data integration, data quality, lifecycle, and access control. Course groups are intended to support effective and efficient day-to-day operations of current UW programs designed for students by providing timely, accurate groups representing course membership.  Course groups are based on data integration between the student data base (SDB) and the groups service, such that a UW Group ID exists for each course section in SDB, identified by its section, number, curriculum code, year, and quarter, for courses offered during the current quarter and three previous quarters. Course groups are created nightly based on creation in SDB; student memberships are updated in near real-time based on course enrollment activity.

Note: UW course groups aren't currently created for courses that have no section(s) (e.g. some Professional & Continuing Education courses). If you need a UW course group for such a course, contact We're assessing customer demand to create them.


The following table illustrates a couple of course groups:


Here 'yyyy' is the 4-digit year and 'qqq' is one of [groups: 'win', 'spr', 'sum', 'aut']. The other attributes correspond with the curriculum code, course number, and course section ID, respectively.

Although the Groups Web Service and UWWI Active Directory implement course ids, the Groups Directory LDAP Service (GDS) does not.  Instead it uses the individual components, year, quarter, curriculum, number and section, to identify course groups .

Data Integration

The following table summarizes the most relevant aspects of data integration between the SDB and the groups service, related to identifiers, display names, descriptions, memberships, contacts, and access controls.


To request access to UW course group memberships, download, fill out, and submit the "UW Directories - Student Data" form required by Academic Data Management. On the form, check "Groups Directory Service / Courses" for access to UW course group memberships via the Groups Web Service browser interface, the Groups Web Service REST API, or via secure, authenticated LDAP to the Groups Directory Service; also UI (, Groups Service API; also check "UW Windows Infrastructure" if you need access to UW course group memberships via UWWI Microsoft Infrastructure (Active Directory.) Fill out the rest of the form and then submit it to Academic Data Management (reptreq@u). Upon approval, Academic Data Management will authorize UW-IT to enable appropriate access.