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During summer 2007, the UW Computer Directors conducted a survey entitled "MSCA Groups" related to their high-level business needs for group provisioning and integration with UW applications. Here is a summary of the eighteen responses received (groups:download results; PDF 64kb).


Summary of results

1) Please describe the top five or so kinds of institutionally derived group information
that C&C/OIM might provision for use and reuse thru UW infrastructure services
(Groups Directory Service, UW Windows Infrastructure, Shibboleth IdP).
Examples: UW Course lists, All-majors lists, various slices of faculty/staff lists.

There were roughly seven categories:

  1. Courses
    • all actively registered students
    • all instructors of record
    • for all published time schedule records
    • for all campuses
    • for EO non-credit courses?
  2. Students
    • by Major
    • by Class standing
    • by Campus
    • by Honors
  3. Employees
    • by Classification (faculty, staff, etc.)
    • by Job Title / Job Class?
    • by Unit (College, School, Dept, Division, Subdivision, Lab, Center)
    • by Source (Org Code, Budget (includes Grants), Appointment, Payroll Unit Code
  4. Alumni / Advance Database
  5. Special Interest
    • Student Organizations
    • UW Event participants
  6. Locations
    • Mailbox
    • Building
  7. Roles
    • related to authorizations, roles (e.g. in ASTRA, Nebula?)
    • related to official designation processes

2) Please describe the top five or so kinds of departmentally derived group information that
you would like to provision into UW infrastructure services for use and reuse.
Examples: All-majors lists, various slices of faculty/staff lists.

See seven categories above. (Responses were very similar, only here the data is being provisioned from the department.)

3) Please imagine for a moment that institutional group information and your departmental
group information were already provisioned centrally for reuse. Which UW services would
you most like to see integrated to leverage this hypothetical group information:

  • Catalyst Web Tools
    • EPost (Message boards)
    • GoPost/E-submit (File turn-in areas)
    • Group Manager (Participant groups)
    • Peer Review (Collaborative forums)
    • Portfolio (Online portfolios)
    • Portfolio Project Builder (Portfolio template building)
    • QuickPoll (One-question polls)
    • ShareSpaces (Spaces for file sharing)
    • SimpleSite (Web sites)
    • UMail (Web-based email forms)
    • WebFiles (Web-based file management)
    • WebQ (Surveys and quizzes)
  • UW Mailman lists
  • Email distribution lists
  • Desktop Email clients
  • Homer/Dante Pine clients
  • WebPine client
  • ASTRA Authroization system
  • UW Web servers (in ACLs)
  • UW Streaming media servers (in ACLs) UW Windows Infrastructure
  • Nebula groups
  • MyUW Calendaring
  • Oracle Calendaring
  • DigitalWell
  • Other

Several respondents included the following services:

  • Catalyst Web Tools
  • UW Mailman
  • UW Windows Infrastructure
  • Email distribution lists