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The UW CA began offering SHA-2 certificates on 04/27/2016.  SHA-1 certificates for legacy applications can be requested by sending email to    SHA-1 Support will be reduced over the next few years–see UW CA SHA-1 Sunset for details.  

UW Certificate Services

UW Certificate Services began to support SHA-2 InCommon certificates with version 2.1.1 released on 10/01/2014. Version 2.1.1 also disabled certificate renewals since renewals would result in SHA-1 certificates with a 1 year lifespan and wouldn't help the migration to SHA-2. In Certificate Services version 2.2, released on 11/6/2014, we enabled renewals for SHA-2 certificates. Renewals for SHA-1 certificates will remain disabled. UW Certificate Services began to support SHA-2 UW CA certificates on 04/27/2016.