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IDArtifactTypeStatusDomainsLast Reviewed
EAA-001 Delete means delete (90 days)GuidelineDRAFTInformation Security, Risk ManagementTechnology 
EAA-002 Replace EIN with EIDGuidelineDo not use SSN as a person key or expose it unnecessarilyAnti-patternACTIVEInformation Security, Data managementInformation8/26/2009
 EAA-003 UW SSN StandardStandardACTIVEInformation, Security6/24/2013
EAA-004 Institutional Data is an AssetPrincipleACTIVEData ManagementInformation1/14/2011
EAA-005Prefer open and common standards, architectures, and systems over closed, proprietary onesPrincipleACTIVE Application, Technology 
EAA-006 Systems must have a documented security planStandardDRAFT Security 
EAA-007 Data Governance is TransitiveStandardDRAFT Information 
EAA-008 Software should be sourced in a way that balances business value with IT efficiencyPrincipleDRAFT Application 
EAA-009 Systems must be instrumented for provide comprehensive logging and audit trailStandardDRAFT Application 
EAA-010 UW NetID authentication should be verified using SAML 2 protocol and the UW’s Identity ProviderGuidelineDRAFTIdentity and Access Management Technology, Security 
EAA-011Document Web APIs with SwaggerGuidelineDRAFTApplication 
EAA-012Share source code publiclyGuidelineDRAFTApplication 
EAA-012IAM Authentication BRICKGuidelineACTIVETechnology