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This web site contains current UW-IT strategies as well as information about how to participate in strategy drafting.

About the Strategy Practice

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About the Strategy Practice
About the Strategy Practice


See the Strategies page for the first published version of Strategy on a Page documents for UW-IT strategic goalslinks to all levels of strategy.

How to Contribute

See the How to Contribute page for steps to contribute to strategy at each level.


Upcoming Events

  • Strategy Workshop for Research Business Services.
  • Strategy Workshop for Collaboration Business Services.

Recent Events

September 14, 2016UW-IT Leap Forward Day Pilot of Strategy Into ActionPDFPDFPDF
December 12, 2016Strategy Workshop for Information Management Business ServicesGoogle SlideGoogle SlideFolder
December 15, 2016Strategy Workshop for IT Infrastructure Business ServicesGoogle SlideGoogle SlideFolder
December 20, 2016Strategy Workshop for Customer Service and Support Business ServicesGoogle SlideGoogle SlideFolder