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titleTo Propose Updates ...
  1. Please use Google Drive: Level 1 Strategic Goals - Workspace (Google Documents)
    1. Propose changes in the Current Workspace section
    2. Insert comments as needed to indicate what is changing
  2. Please Contact EA when you have a new version to publish.
  3.  The Director The Director of EA and Strategy will triage the proposed changes and determine whether they are minor or significant.
    1. For minor changes, the EA team will send a UNODIR notification to UW-IT Business Service Owners and UW-IT Communications using
    2. For significant changes, the EA team will get approval from all Business Service Owners (how this happens may vary)
  4. When a new version is ready, the EA team will publish it to:
    1. Strategy into Action (this web site)
    2. The printable slide deck UW-IT Strategic Goals: Strategies on a Page
  5. The EA team will maintain a change log specifying when, who requested it, and what kind of change.
  6. The EA team will work with UW-IT Communications team to periodically update communication materials based on strategy changes.