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TitlePrivate IP Addresses for Office Systems

(tick) Use private IP addresses to reduce the attack surface for UW-IT office systems.


Recommended by the University of Washington (tick)(what does this mean?)

Approved By
  • Brad Greer, CTO
  • Jim Phelps, Director of Enterprise Architecture and Strategy 2/28/2018
Date reviewed3/1/2018
SourceChief Technology Officer
Status(lightbulb) Current

In recent years, unsolicited and malicious traffic into the UW network has increased substantially. Most attacks are those related to remote desktop applications used to connect to on-campus computers from remote locations. The aim of this policy is to reduce the attack surface for UW-IT office systems, simplify office equipment configurations, and help identify all systems that need to be directly accessed from outside the University.

NotesIf you would like to request an exception to have a public IP address on an office subnet, please write and mention “UW-IT public office IP request”.