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Each group is identified by this pattern of naming components:


The "workday-location" component is substituted with the name of employee's position's location id.


The following table illustrates a couple of employee location code groups:

Group ID

Display Name

Effective Membership


Current employees with a Seattle Campus position

Current employees who hold a position that has location ID "Seattle Campus"


Current employees with a Seattle Other Buildings position

Current employees who hold a position that has location ID "Seattle Other Buildings"

Data Integration

The following table summarizes how data is integrated into the groups service, related to identifiers, display names, descriptions, memberships, contacts, classification, and access controls.

Group Attribute

Data Integration Notes

Group ID

Group IDs include a lower case version the location id, e.g.


Group Display Name

Display names include the location id, e.g.

Current employees with a Seattle Other Buildings position

Group Description

Group descriptions include location id, e.g.

"Current employees who hold a position that has location ID "Seattle Other Buildings". This group is updated nightly from the HRPWS. It is available for appropriate business purposes in support of the UW mission. Access to the membership is controlled. Authorized clients are responsible for enforcing the defined access control policy and may not share employee group memberships with unauthorized parties without first obtaining authorization to do so. All users are expected to know and follow the rules related to ethical and appropriate use of UW computing and networking resources. Please contact for questions about using this group."

Contact Person

Employee location groups have no owner or contact specified.

Group Classification

Employee location groups are classified as restricted.

Group Access Controls

Employee location groups have a membership viewer control that enforces the defined access control policy (below). Only members of the u_groups_org_location-read are authorized to view these memberships.

UW G Suite

Employee location groups cannot be enabled for use in UW G Suite. Contact to inquire more.

UW Exchange Status

Employee location groups cannot be enabled for use in UW Exchange. This business rule is in place to ensure the privacy restriction on the group memberships, which the current design of the UW Exchange service cannot enforce by itself. Contact to inquire more.

Group Membership List

Memberships are reconciled nightly to accurately represent current operational data rather than historical data. Members are identified by UW NetID.

Data Quality Standards

This section summarizes the data quality standards for employee location groups represented in the groups service.


Lifecycle Policy: Employee location groups are created automatically and won't be deleted without 90 days prior notification to customers who have registered their dependency on them by emailing

Access Control Policy

The data custodians for employee data classify employee location groups as restricted. This classification forms the basis of the following access control policy and appropriate use guidelines. It is also the basis of the required membership viewer control and group description text (described above).


Workday Location Directory report/list

ISC user guide: Change Job - Voluntary Location or Work Shift Change