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Setting up the 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) using Duo.

University of Washington Controller's office already has integrated 2FA for Workday using Duo, the authentication application. Though there are many other 2FA applications available, we will use Duo because that is what we are currently using for Workday.

  1. Log into LastPass
  2. Go to "Account Settings" in the left corner:

  3. Select "Multifactor Options" in the navigation bar:

  4. Select "Edit" for "Duo Security".

  5. Change "Enable" and "Use Duo Web SDK when possible" and press "Update":

  6. Put in the LastPass' Master Password (That you got when you set up LastPass).

  7. Put in your UW Net ID:

Now, it will ask for your Duo Action to be taken on your mobile device every time you login to LastPass.

Next time you log in, it should look like this:

check "Trust Device for 30 Days" (to avoid having to 2FA each time you launch the browser)