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See:  REQ2853803, Courtney Drake is customer/requestor.

CustomersUW Academic Personnel (faculty)
Application UseUW Tableau – manage access to Faculty Dashboard
Membership (Business Definition)

Academic Track Types are a data element in Workday, and are part of the Academic Track Hierarchy, which is associated with the Academic Appointment data structure. 

Academic Track Types to include:

  • Lecturer - Multi-Year Eligible
  • Professorial
  • Professorial - Clinical Dental Pathway
  • Professorial – Research
  • Professorial - Without Tenure
Business ProcessEmployment
System of RecordWorkday
Business DomainStaffing
Subject AreaHuman Resources
Home Groupuw_affiliation (same as most affiliation groups)
Group IDs

uw_affiliation_faculty-voting   (created & membership managed by IAM process)

Customer's group: uw_ap_tableau_facultydashboard  (created & Administered by Acad Personnel)

Which consists of uw_affiliation_faculty-voting and uw_ap_tableau_facultydashboard-viewers  (created & Administered by Acad Personnel)

Display Name

UW Voting Faculty

Lifecycle Policy (Creation)

Created via Workday process updates

Lifecycle Policy (Deletion)

Deleted by Workday process updates

Membership (Direct)

Group uw_ap_tableau_facultydashboard has its membership derived from the subgroups uw_affiliation_faculty-voting  plus uw_ap_tableau_facultydashboard-viewers

  • Subgroup uw_affiliation_faculty-voting will have its membership controlled via the groupmaker process certificate.

Direct membership of the academic-track group will include UW NetIDs of all current Academic Appointments in Academic Track Types to include:

  • Lecturer - Multi-Year Eligible
  • Professorial
  • Professorial - Clinical Dental Pathway
  • Professorial – Research
  • Professorial - Without Tenure

  • Subgroup uw_ap_tableau_facultydashboard-viewers will have its membership controlled via the Administrators from OPB/EOAA (add dependency on uw_employee)
Membership (Exceptions)

uw_ap_tableau_facultydashboard-viewers will be used to manage exceptions, other people who need access, but aren’t faculty. This is manually managed by OPB/EOAA members.

Membership (Grace Period)


Membership (Opt-in)N/A
Membership (Opt-out)N/A
Contact Person

iam-support (uw_affiliation_faculty-voting);      acadpers (uw_ap_tableau_facultydashboard & uw_ap_tableau_facultydashboard-viewers)


Members of the UW Voting Faculty are updated nightly from the ODS. For more information go to This group is updated nightly from the ODS. It is available for appropriate business purposes in support of the UW mission. All users are responsible for enforcing the defined access control policy and may not share employee group memberships with unauthorized parties without first obtaining authorization to do so. All users are expected to know and follow the rules related to ethical and appropriate use of UW computing and networking resources. Please contact for questions about using this group.

More InformationNone
Application Settings (Exchange)


Application Settings (Google)


Data CustodianCourtney Drake, Data Architect and Business Systems Analyst, Office Planning and Budgeting

Restricted – same confidentiality impact factors as similar employee affiliation groups (e.g. uw_affiliation_staff-employee). See Classification for Institutional Employee Groups

Access Control PolicyData custodians grant permission to view the group memberships to all UW employees as well as processes acting on behalf of UW employees. Non-employee access (including students, affiliates, and other third parties) and other exceptions to this policy may be authorized by the custodians on a case-by-case basis, based on establishing a business need and/or an appropriate data sharing agreement.
Membership Viewer Controluw_employee or u_groups_affiliation_employee-read
Sender ControlN/A (not supported yet except via Exchange and Google settings)
Data Source


Membership (Technical)

Defined as a SQL query on views in the SQL Server, ODS database based on the following SQL call:

distinct p.UWNetID
from sec.AcademicAppointment aa
join sec.Person p on p.PersonKey = aa.PersonKey
where TrackTypeName in
'Lecturer - Multi-Year Eligible'
, 'Professorial'
, 'Professorial - Clinical Dental Pathway'
, 'Professorial - Research'
, 'Professorial - Without Tenure'


AcadTrackType_GroupMaker + TegeaGWSGroupUpdater (adds members)


AcadTrackType_GroupMaker + TegeaGWSGroupUpdater (removes members)


AcadTrackType_GroupMaker + TegeaGWSGroupUpdater are monitored. 

Data Quality Standards

Same as other groups provisioned from HR data in ODS.

Internal Documentation

See AcadTrackType_GroupMaker + TegeaGWSGroupUpdater

Internal groups documentation can be found here: 

Groups Service Automated Group Provisioning Quick Reference

Customer Documentation

(link to UW Affiliation Groups page, once process created & entry on page added)

Communication PlanEmail Courtney Drake & Matt Portwood (re: Tableau access) when available (REQ2853803).

Request FulfillmentAccess requests to view the membership will be fulfilled through UW Connect, including custodian approval records.
Incident ManagementTegeaGWSGroupUpdater and staleFileMonitor errors are emailed into UW Connect.
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