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Alin Hunter, Snezana Popovic, UW-IT – The customers of the groups described in this design template represent the owners of Legacy HR/P Archive reports.

Application Use

BI Portal – The groups will be used for controlling access to the Legacy HR/P Archive reports available in the BI Portal (
TBD. Email – The groups will be used for emailing notices about the Legacy HR/P Archive reports using UW Mailman or Marketo.

Membership (Business Definition)

The business definition of the group memberships is individuals assigned to each Workday security role or group.

For example, someone with the "Academic_Partner" role will be a member of the related UW group.



Business ProcessWorkday security role or group management
System of RecordWorkday
Subject AreaMaster Data
Business DomainMaster Data – Services & Resources – HR/P – Access permissions and restrictions
Home Groupuw_isc_wdsg
Group IDs

The following table describes mappings from Workday security groups and roles to UW group attributes.

Each UW Group ID will be of the format "uw_isc_wdsg_<identifier>" where the <identifier> is replaced with the reference ID of the Workday security role or group. In order to conform to the UW group syntax, the reference ID will be lowercased and underscores converted to hyphens.

Each UW Group Display Name will be of the format "Workday Security - <name>" where the <name> is replaced with the Workday security role or group name, without any changes to the data.

Workday Security Role/Group Reference IDWorkday Security Role/Group NameUW Group Display NameUW Group ID
1Absence_Office_PartnerAbsence Office PartnerWorkday Security - Absence_Office_Partneruw_isc_wdsg_absence-office-partner
2Academic_PartnerAcademic PartnerWorkday Security - Academic_Partner


3Academic_Personnel_Office_PartnerAcademic Personnel Office PartnerWorkday Security - Academic_Personnel_Office_Partneruw_isc_wdsg_academic-personnel-office-partner
4CBU_Benefits_Office_PartnerCBU - Benefits Office PartnerWorkday Security - CBU_Benefits_Office_Partneruw_isc_wdsg_cbu-benefits-office-partner

Costing Allocations Coordinator

Workday Security - Costing_Allocations_Coordinatoruw_isc_wdsg_costing-allocations-coordinator
6HCM_Initiate_2HCM Initiate 2Workday Security - HCM_Initiate_2uw_isc_wdsg_hcm-initiate-2
7HR_AuditorHR AuditorWorkday Security - HR_Auditoruw_isc_wdsg_hr-auditor 
8HR_Office_PartnerHR Office PartnerWorkday Security - HR_Office_Partneruw_isc_wdsg_hr-office-partner
9HR_PartnerHR PartnerWorkday Security - HR_Partneruw_isc_wdsg_hr-partner
10ISC_Compensation_Office_PartnerISC - Compensation Office PartnerWorkday Security - ISC_Compensation_Office_Partneruw_isc_wdsg_isc-compensation-office-partner
11ISC_Payroll_Office_PartnerISC - Payroll Office PartnerWorkday Security - ISC_Payroll_Office_Partneruw_isc_wdsg_isc-payroll-office-partner
12ISC_Retiree_Office_PartnerISC - Retiree Office PartnerWorkday Security - ISC_Retiree_Office_Partneruw_isc_wdsg_isc-retiree-office-partner
13Labor_Relations_Union_Office_PartnerLabor Relations / Union Office PartnerWorkday Security - Labor_Relations_Union_Office_Partneruw_isc_wdsg_labor-relations-union-office-partner
14Payroll_AuditorPayroll AuditorWorkday Security - Payroll_Auditoruw_isc_wdsg_payroll-auditor
15VO_Medical_Centers_Payroll_PartnerVO-Medical Centers Payroll Partner (RBC)Workday Security - VO_Medical_Centers_Payroll_Partneruw_isc_wdsg_vo-medical-centers-payroll-partner
16VO_Medical_Centers_Absence_for_Leave_SpecialistVO-Medical Centers Absence for Leave SpecialistWorkday Security - VO_Medical_Centers_Absence_for_Leave_Specialistuw_isc_wdsg_vo-medical-centers-absence-for-leave-specialist
17VO_STAFF_COMP_COSTVO-STAFF-COMP-COSTWorkday Security - VO_STAFF_COMP_COSTuw_isc_wdsg_vo-staff-comp-cost
18VO_Academic_Personnel_Office_PartnerVO-Academic Personnel Office PartnerWorkday Security - VO_Academic_Personnel_Office_Partneruw_isc_wdsg_vo-academic-personnel-office-partner
Display Name

Group display names will be populated with data from Workday. See table above.

Lifecycle Policy (Creation)

Groups will be created only for approved uses related to Legacy HR/P Archive reports.

Lifecycle Policy (Deletion)

Groups will be deleted when data custodians request and plan for their deletion.

Membership (Direct)

Direct membership of each group include the UW NetIDs of individuals assigned to the specific Workday security role or group.

Membership (Exceptions)

No exceptions for additions or deletions to memberships. All updates to the memberships must be made in Workday.

Membership (Grace Period)


Membership (Opt-in)N/A
Membership (Opt-out)N/A
Contact Person

TBD. A contact appropriate for Workday security support, e.g. "ischelp".


Group descriptions will contain the following information (substituting the specific display name for each group):

"Workday Security - Academic_Partner. This group is updated nightly with data sourced from Workday. It is available only for approved business purposes. Authorized users are responsible for enforcing the defined access control policy and may not share the group membership with unauthorized parties without first obtaining authorization to do so. Please contact for questions about using this group."

More InformationN/A 
Application Settings (Exchange)

Inactive; change to settings will require custodian approval.

Application Settings (Google)

Inactive; change to settings will require custodian approval.

Data Custodian

Nancy Jagger, Rachel Gatlin, Margaret Stuart, Cindy Gregovich


Confidential. See UW Groups Data Classification Guideline.

Access Control Policy

The data custodians have classified these UW group memberships as Confidential. This classification forms the basis of the following access control policy and appropriate use guidelines. It is also the basis of the Membership Viewer Control (below) and Description (above).

Access Control Policy: Having considered privacy, security, and compliance concerns and acknowledging the business needs for Workday security group memberships, the data custodians have established an access control policy that grants permission to view Workday security group memberships only to authorized users and processes based on business need.

Appropriate Use Guidelines: Use of Workday security group memberships is subject to the following appropriate use guidelines. Permission to view Workday security group memberships is granted on the condition that authorized clients use the memberships only for approved business purposes in support of access to Legacy HR data. Authorized users are responsible for enforcing the defined access control policy (above) and may not share group memberships with unauthorized parties without first obtaining authorization to do so. Copying and sharing the membership data with unauthorized users violates the access control policy and is forbidden.

Membership Viewer Control

TBD. uw_isc_wdsg_viewers. This group is used to enforce the defined access control policy (above).
TBD. In order to fulfill requests to view the memberships of the Workday groups, appropriate admins and/or member managers should be defined for uw_isc_wdsg_viewers.

Sender ControlN/A
Data Source


Membership (Technical)

Membership is pulled from the HRP Web Service (HRPWS), and is based on the Security Role or Group.  The resource that returns membership of a Security Role from HRPWS is: ~/hrp/v2/security/SECURITY_ROLE/worker.json


Workday security groups are provisioned from HRPWS using a nightly process monitored to ensure reliability and availability of the groups.  When abnormalities such as potentially corrupt or incomplete data feeds are detected during the provisioning process, updates are not applied until the abnormalities are reviewed. The reliability of Workday security groups, once provisioned, is that of the groups service itself: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with rare exceptions.


Groups will be deleted when data custodians request and plan for their deletion.


The integrity of source data is ensured during secure transport between HRPWS and the groups service. Physical, system, and administrative controls are used on the groups service to maintain integrity.  When abnormalities such as potentially corrupt or incomplete data feeds are detected during the provisioning process, updates are not applied until the abnormalities are reviewed.  All errors or abnormalities in the daily provisioning process are reported in UW Connect, and are promptly reviewed and corrected.

Data Quality Standards

Data Validation Rules: Validation rules are applied only to ensure that HRPWS data conforms to the constraints of the groups data model. Therefore, the accuracy of Workday Security groups, including names and memberships, is primarily determined by the quality and validity of the source HR/Payroll data provisioned from the HRPWS.

 Ann Testroet Similar to uwhrlocationgroupmaker

Define data quality standards under normal operations, including data validation rules, timeliness of updates, defined error rates, integrity monitoring, and reliability. The standards will depend on the business process, system of record, data source, provisioning and de-provisioning models, monitoring, and operations.

Internal Documentation

TBD. Ann Testroet Similar to uwhrlocationgroupmaker

Define what internal documentation will be developed and where it will be maintained.

Customer DocumentationTBD. 
Communication PlanAlin and Snezana will coordinate communications part of the "Legacy HRP System Shutdown and Data Archiving - Implementation" project (PRJ0234400).
Request FulfillmentTBD. All requests that cannot be handled self-service by the Customer Documentation, will be directed to the email address defined by the Contact Person (above). Examples of requests include standard requests for information and access to memberships.
Change ManagementTBD. The data custodians and/or ISC and/or Arlene will be responsible for changes to Workday security group reference IDs. Changing an existing reference ID impacts customers of the corresponding UW group, and appropriate change management can reduce the impact to business operations.
Incident ManagementIncidents with the group memberships, with a root cause attributed to UW-IT's systems and processes, will be handled via the UW-IT Incident Management practice.
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