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March 2019 – Please email if you rely on mod_gws; we're deprecating this product in favor of other solutions.


mod_gws is an apache module that controls access to resources based on membership in groups in the Group Service.


mod_gws is compatible with Shibboleth and other user authentication modules.


mod_gws consists of two components:

  • an Apache module that handles authorization directives
  • a separate daemon process that brokers client communication with the Groups Service API v2.

This design isolates Apache request handers and prevents them from accessing the client credentials (RSA private key) used to check group memberships via the GWS REST API.


  File Modified
ZIP Archive mod_gws-1.3.tar.gz Aug 17, 2011 by Jim Fox
ZIP Archive mod_gws-1.4.tar.gz Sep 15, 2011 by Jim Fox
ZIP Archive mod_gws-1.4.1.tar.gz Previous stable release Aug 19, 2012 by Nathan Dors
ZIP Archive mod_gws-1.4.2.tar.gz current stable release 19-Aug-2012 Aug 19, 2012 by Nathan Dors


  1. Download the current stable release.
  2. Configure, make, and install.
    • mod_gws has build dependencies on the apache development libraries and a curl development library
  3. The source distribution includes documentation covering:
    • module configuration
    • daemon configuration