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  • 2012/13 annual survey results
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What time do you prefer for Web Council meetings?
Total responses (N): 44 Did not respond: 1
Numeric value AnswerFrequencyPercentage
1 Between 9 and 11 a.m.3068.18%
2 Over the lunch hour36.82%
3 Between 1 and 4 p.m.1022.73%
4 Other:12.27%

What day do you prefer for Web Council meetings?
Total responses (N): 42 Did not respond: 3
Numeric value AnswerFrequencyPercentage
1 Monday37.14%
2 Tuesday819.05%
3 Wednesday614.29%
4 Thursday2150.00%
5 Friday49.52%

How frequently would you like to meet?
Total responses (N): 44 Did not respond: 1
Numeric value AnswerFrequencyPercentage
1 Monthly3068.18%
2 Every two months1227.27%
3 Quarterly24.55%

Web Council meetings typically are scheduled for 90 minutes, and they adjourn early when the agenda is light. Tell us if you have a preference on meeting length.
Total responses (N): 44 Did not respond: 1
Numeric value AnswerFrequencyPercentage
1 One hour1227.27%
2 90 minutes2659.09%
3 Two hours (with lots on the agenda)511.36%
4 Other:12.27%

Recent meetings have featured several Ignite-style presentations. Any feedback? (Like, dislike, suggest topics, volunteer to present.)

Honestly, the novelty has worn off and it seems more like reality TV than an informative format. If a speaker has something worthwhile to convey, I'd rather see it developed at a pace that agrees with the importance of the contents.

Wonderful presentations!


They're interesting, and often engaging... the only hiccups have been when the speaker wasn't really sure what to do.

Meh. I think the presentation style compels presenters to talk fast and skim the surface more than it encourages presenters to communicate effectively with their audiences. Some presentations are good for the format; some are not.

I prefer the format, though I wish some of the presenters would spend more time preparing/practicing their slides. Those who do make very compelling presentations. I think with time we'll get better at them.

like the ingnite presentations

i like the ignite format

They were great - I like seeing a variety of speakers and topics. Ignite style keeps everyone on task.

I like the mix of longer and shorter presentations. At the risk of stating the obvious, ignite-style sessions are great for a quick overview and a few keywords, while the longer sessions give more detail. Getting both -- and not too much of either -- is great. Good job!

They're interesting but not always relevant. I like fewer, more in-depth presentations in general--esp. for topics like SEO and responsive design

Great format.

Like the Ignite presentations, but wouldn't want 90 minutes of them.

I've only been to one, but I liked these presentations. They were engaging and informative.

More like this, please!

The few I've seen, people are not coming close to sticking to the short time. Perhaps people have become better about this.


Like. Good to see how we are all solving our problems.

It's good when the presenters are prepared and questions are held until the end

It's a mixed bag (some presentations are a little lacking or overly puffed up), but I like it for the most part and it provides good food for thought.

Ignite is good - get to cover ore terrritory. Combine with indepth presentations.

few people can do a good job in 5 minutes

Generally like this. Can also shorten meeting time if we get enough quality speakers - don't necessarily need 12 speakers in 90 minutes.

i like the faster pace

I like this, with Q&A.

I find it useful to know what others are doing on campus

These have been nice. They're quick and to the point.

Like - but sometimes the topic/speaker needs a more detailed intro. They jump right in but the audience doesn't always know who they are, what unit they work for, and what kind of work they do.

We are experimenting with audio/video recordings of meetings for those who cannot attend or want to go back later to listen/watch again. While we're still working on details and logistics, would you like this to continue? Thoughts or feedback?

Yes, this would be helpful to me. Rick's thorough notes are a good substitute.
That would be great as I'm usually not able to attend. The notes are also a nice way to scan what went on.
I like the idea of recordings as I find myself often times having to skip the meeting due to other work constraints.
YES! Sometimes there are topics of interest but for some reason I'm unable to attend. I'd love to be able to catch up.
Definitely - these past few months, other meetings have been on the same day & time of the Web Council and I have missed several meetings. It would be wonderful to be able to view the recordings.
Absolutely. Attending Web Council meetings takes about half my day because I live in Snohomish and work at UW Bothell. Web Council meetings are very important to all of us at UW Bothell, but when engaged in big projects sometimes we're not able to attend as it is difficult to find the time. Rick's notes have been a real asset during those times. Audio/video recording would is a fantastic aid when we aren't able to attend a meeting.
Usually, if I'm too busy to attend the meetings, I'm also too busy to watch the recording.
I think it is helpful -- please continue. I don't think it is required, as it is a public meeting with no expectation of privacy, but as a courtesy it might be a good idea to post a sign or something for latecomers so they know they are being recorded if they ask a question.
That would be great. I've used the audio when unable to attend a meeting and it was helpful.
The audio has been useful for my coworkers who can't attend, and I'm grateful that the presentation I made for the web council was recorded so I could share it with others.
Yes, unless it costs a great deal of staff time to produce the recordings. If so, then I'd stop.
yes, please continue as it is a great idea!
Yes, video would be great.
I'm ambivalent, haven't listened to one of the recordings yet, but would really appreciate it if I have to miss a meeting.
I haven't used it yet, and am not too inclined to do so. If I miss a meeting, I'll almost certainly look at the wiki/written notes, but won't likely take the time to go back over the recorded presentations in full length.
Yes, this is great.
Yes, I can't attened many as I come from Bothell. If it was able to be done live w/ recording or teleconference (not likely) then it may be easier for more to attend.
In theory it's nice, but I don't see myself going back and listening to the meetings.
This would be very helpful -- my office is off campus, which is a big reason I can't attend more frequently.
It is nice to know that this is available, but I haven't taken advantage of it yet.
YES!! I would love to watch these meetings when I'm not available to attend. This is especially useful for those off-campus or in the med center.
Would use.
Love the idea but haven't used much yet
Yes, I have been unable to attend the new early time meeting this year and have been very happy to get audio presentations with slidedecks. Very nice service thanks!
YES!!!!!!!!!!! Please keep doing this.
not interested, prefer written summary
I haven't watched any yet but I like the idea if it's relatively easy.
This would be wonderful. Thank you for investigating this option.
I like the concept but find it hard to devote time to consuming them. Perhaps if they came with a list of topics with time points that would help.
Seems like a good thing to do, but I haven't made use of it yet.
If not attending, I find Rick's notes very useful. I'd rather do a quick read through than sit through a long video or audio. Check the stats about how many people actually view/use the videos, to see whether it's really worth it to keep doing.
What topics would you like covered at future Web Council meetings?


Responsive design, accessibility, social media trends
Technical content-- using and configuring shibboleth, custom drupal modules, authN and authZ strategies
School and department presentation on what they are doing to their sites. UW Policy and marketing; sources available throughout the UW.
Topics presented have been fantastic. To add to those, I'm interested in hearing more about various Content Management Systems. Specifically, I'd like to hear about interesting features of different systems and how they are being used.
What vendors or design firms have people used? Which ones are good or terrible?
Reactive web design, Drupal customizations, the latest in mobile browsing news
Calendars: new UW calendar, event sharing and integration. 
Future of CSS, styles, content management systems, mobile. 
More more more great apps like SpaceScout, maps, etc.
More success stories, good graphic design, and teams that are working on great user experience design.
I think you are doing a good job find topics.
continue to share example of what people are doing on campus 
broader discussions around UX, social media, web trends, etc. 
bring in guest speakers
location aware services, more on Tegrity and other learning platforms
In general, there are a couple of areas I'd like to see the meetings (continue to) focus on: 
1) Community-building: work/techniques/ideas that can likely be shared as UW web workers 
2) Knowledge-sharing: how new technologies and technical trends might inform our work as UW web workers
a presentation reviewing best practices for branding websites within UW guidelines would be fantastic.
legal topics are interesting and always relevant.Perhaps more on analytics?
Web best practices, SEO, how to best integrate social media into your site.
I would like to hear more about plans for a new UW event calendar system. That project has dropped out of sight.
Emerging standards for web application and content development.
accessibility, ways people are using google analytics, building a custom CMS
Mobile design and apps, ways to tap into web services, any university wide services we are unaware of, productivity tools.
How to, new tech on the horizon, how other groups are using tools, sharing cool software tweaks, examples. 

More interpersonal interactions - get to know the people who are there every month.
coding standards
Sharing resources/best practices/consistent design look for all UW affiliated sites
Code libraries 
Any initiatives where things like snippets, icons, etc can be shared across UW 
Wordpress and other CMS implementations 
Success stories (and failures) - always nice to have end-to-end stories of redesigns, etc.
Mobile development, iTunes U, UW webservices
Some have been presented, but I am always interested in hearing about data visualization, Drupal, others' web site updates, and new tools for web development.
I really like when campus specific resources are presented/discussed. It's hard to know what all is available on campus that could help us out, and this is a good way to discover new resources.
Convio - how to get the most out of it, how to embed the sign-up form on your website (options, ideas to improve), tips and tricks for email templates, alternative email tools being explored

Other comments?
The UW web team is awesome!
Thank you for putting together these wonderful presentations.
I've been very pleased with the latest web councils, and I've found that they've steadily increased in quality and useful information over the years.
I would actually prefer to meet 7-8 times a year. I know that it is a little harder to schedule but I'd suggest Sept (before school starts), Oct, Nov, Jan, Feb, April, and May. Maybe a single meeting during the summer (but maybe not). It is just too difficult to attend these in Dec, March and June. Units not as tied to the academic calendar may not have this problem, but I defintely do.
i have appreciated the variety offered at the meetings
I always enjoy these meetings. Thanks for organizing them!
Thanks for all that you do!
middle of the day meeting would be difficult for those of us trying to attend from off-campus.
very useful to keep the conversation and sharing ongoing. Thanks.
Good job and please continue. Need to continue sharing best methods that we all should be applying as needed.
I really appreciate the continued effort for these meetings. They are a great help.
I've had to miss web council two month sin a row and it's very frustrating because it is always so good.
Meeting day any day except Friday. One-hour for weekly meetings; 90 minutes if held every two weeks.
Thank you.
I like the idea of having slightly longer (2 hour) meetings, but less frequently (every other month). It's tough to make it every month.



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