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Status: Draft (not proposed or accepted)


This page describes the AAD CAB, including the goals, roles, and operational processes used to manage changes to our enterprise Azure AD tenant(


  1. Enable business use 
  2. Mitigate risks
    1. Provide excellent infrastructure via reliable service design
    2. Show due care for the impact of changes on services dependent on our enterprise Azure AD

These goals imply a variety of desired outcomes which we won't explicitly call out, e.g. communication with customers, roll-back plans, pursuing solutions that broadly meet business needs, etc.


The following parties are involved in this process. Listed by name, role, and responsibilities.

CustomerRequestorSubmit a request for AAD change with sufficient information about business need. 
UWWI Support Coordinator 

Support the requestor through this process, at times suggesting or supplying technical detail and specifics the customer won't be able to supply. 

Guide requested change through the process to completion.

UWWI Engineering Solution Designer, Implementer 

As needed, design solutions which meet requests.

Implement approved changes.

UWWI Service Manager 

Approver (Gate #1),
Approver (Gate #3)

Approve change to be submitted ...
Azure AD Governance team Approver (Gate #2)  
AAD CAB Approver (Gate #4)  


The UWWI Support role is filled by the service team members.

The UWWI Engineering role is filled by the service team engineers.

The UWWI Service manager is filled by the service manager or their designated alternate during leave.

The AAD Governance team is defined separately at

The AAD CAB is comprised of:

  • UWWI Service Manager, which currently is Brad Greer
  • MSCA Service Manager, which currently is Tom Lewis

Change Request Process


Entry Criteria


Process Steps



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