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Version 1.0 published 2/21/2017

Strategy Statement: We partner with UW Human Resources, Academic Human Resources, and the Payroll Office to maintain enterprise administrative applications that enable UW's HR and Payroll business processes.

Vision: Modern, integrated system to manage human resources and payroll functions essential to supporting the UW's large and diverse workforce


Outdated legacy systems no longer support business

Lack of standard business processes

New, robust 3rd party solutions replace in-house development

Increasing federal/state regulatory requirements

Increasing data security risks


  • HR/Payroll Modernization Program
  • HR/Payroll Intersections
  • Integrated Service Center



  • Subsequent phases of HR/Payroll Modernization


Modern, reliable, supportable, flexible, and secure system supporting standard business processes providing better data for decision-making and improved service

Reduced scope of shadow systems, reducing risk and inefficiencies

Culture of continuous process improvement and change

Improved core functionality

Well-managed integrations to and from the enterprise

Contributors: Bill Shirey, Alin Hunter, Heriberto Rodriguez