Guardrails Status and Documents

For a quick summary of the Guardrails completed so far, see the Overview of Workday Guardrails.

GuardrailsDescriptionStatus & next steps
Workday Integrations Guardrails

Status: Version 1 published, to be revised as needed

Workday Reporting Guardrails

Status: Version 1 published, to be revised as needed

Workday Security Guardrails

Status: Version 1 published, to be revised as needed

Workday Reference, Core, and Metadata Guardrails

Status: Version 1 published, to be revised as needed

Why Guardrails?

Guardrails are a type of reference architecture that help implementers maximize the architectural value of the solutions they design, based on the long-term goals and needs of the UW.

Who are Guardrails for?

Guardrails guide developers as well as end-users.  They inform both groups of the best practices that we follow.  They help decision makers streamline the decision making process.  They also help make sure key stakeholders are involved in the decision making processes. 

Where do Guardrails Come From?

Most Guardrails consist of best practices identified over time by people working at the UW -- in their own teams or as part of a project.

In some cases, the EA team or the EA Board will identify a need for a Guardrails Document, but it will still be developed collaboratively.

Templates and supporting materials are provided by the EA team, such as the Guardrails Template.

History of Workday Guardrails

Recent Workday Guardrails Efforts

Timeline and activities to publish v1 draft guardrails

Ongoing guardrails communication, maintenance, and application

Guardrails are living documents.

Since the technologies, opportunities and restraints are always changing; Guardrails must always adapt. Part of the responsibilities of the EA team is to watch for when Guardrails need updating. The working Team and Reviewers as well as consumers might all highlight needed updates or changes. When these changes arise, EA will bring together the appropriate people to discuss and validate the change. EA will then publish the new version if there is agreement on updating the Guardrail and it will help communicate the change.

Following the initial v1 drafting work, the Workday Guardrails will be used to inform decisions about how to effectively resource workstreams and implement solutions in the UWFT program, as well as how to align efforts in the ISC. 

The Enterprise Architecture (EA) team will work with the UWFT program and other partner teams to foster alignment between the guardrails and the on-the-ground implementations. The EA team will also work to coordinate changes that need to be driven back into the guardrails from project findings.

Other Workday Guardrails Candidates

The EA team will review the following candidates to identify other helpful Workday Guardrails.