The UW NetID service is the enterprise credential service for the University of Washington. UW NetIDs are used for authentication, accounts, e-mail addresses, and other computing purposes where unique identification is required. The UW NetID service manages the assignment and tracking of UW NetIDs, and supports related authentication services such as the "weblogin" service, UW Kerberos, UW Windows Infrastructure, etc.

Self-Service UW NetID Web Tools

These are the tools that allow self-service management of UW NetID related items.

UW NetID Accounts

There are a wide range of different supported UW NetIDs to provide flexibility for customers.

Support for Developers/ System Admins

Many UW developers and system administrators depend on the UW NetID service to protect their applications, resources, and hosts. There are many different integration points offered to support developers needs. A diagram of the integration points can be found at:

      UW User Authentication Services Diagram

We offer integration consulting in these various areas.

UW NetID Administrative Tools

This is a set of administrative tools for maintenance and operation of the UW NetID service.

UW NetID Components and Supporting Systems

UW NetID Policies and Practices

The set of policies and practices used to operate the UW NetID service. This includes areas such as:

Practice Statement: Voluntary (optional) provision of the SSN.

The University of Washington uses the Social Security number (SSN)  to match person records aggregated from multiple systems of records and to assign a single, unique, non-SSN identifier and to issue a NetID and password.  A UW NetID provides authorized access to UW systems that relate to your UW relationship(s).  The University will not disclose an individual’s SSN to anyone outside the University without the individual’s consent, except as required by law.

Note: The University of Washington is working to minimize the use of Social Security numbers within its business processes. For a full description of the University of Washington Social Security Number Standard, please visit SSN Data Security Framework website.

Please email iam-support@uw.edu if you have any questions about this practice statement. 

Customer Base

There are now close to 900,000 UW NetIDs representing people and UW organizations who use or have used the UW NetID system. Customers include:

Responsible Team 

UW-IT IT Infrastructure - Identity and Access Management
UW-IT Customer Services & Support - Technology Service Center

Service Support and Contact

UW NetID User Support
Email: help@uw.edu
Hours: 24x7

Developer and Partner Support
Email: iam-support@uw.edu
Hours: 8:00am-5:00pm, Monday-Friday

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