The Whitepages Directory Service ( provides high-availability LDAP access to directory information to email clients and other applications such as the UW Directory and Nebula’s UW Directory application. The Whitepages Directory Service is public and contains user profile information such as name and department, and contact information such as phone, email, etc., for people who haven't restricted their directory listing preference. UW NetIDs are included for some people, and access to them is available via an access-controlled web-based interface. The Whitepages Directory Service has existed since about 1997. Data is updated once a day.

LDAP Server Description

The Whitepages LDAP service is described in the following table:


UW Whitepages Directory Service



389 (standard LDAP port)





Student Data

OU=Students,OU=People,O=University of Washington, C=US

Employee Data

OU=Faculty and Staff,OU=People,O=University of Washington, C=US

Client Technologies

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does the Whitepages directory service contain an entry for every person associated with the UW?
A: No. Most UW faculty, staff and students are included, but users can choose not to publish their contact information. Therefore, you should not assume that you can look up information about any UW person using this system. Instead, for official business purposes, use the Person Web Service.

Q: How can I change my information that is published in the Whitepages directory service?
A: Employees can change their published information via Employee Self Service under the "Campus Address" section. Students can opt out of the directory via the Student Guide.

Q: Why do some names appear multiple times as the result of a search via LDAP?
A: People are listed in whitepages hierarchy based on departmental affiliations to support searches for faculty and staff separate from students If a person has more than one departmental affiliation, their whitepages entry occurs multiple times in the directory, and those entries will be returned separately if they are in the same search result. For this reason, the directory applications (staffdir/studentdir, UW Directory, and the UW Web directory application) process their results to reduce duplication.