Self-service organizational home group creation is supported under the following circumstances:


  1. Log in to:
  2. Enter a group description
  3. In the Group id field, type uw_<dns-name-here>.  For example uw_pavesci
  4. Enter a group description and contact person
  5. Selecting a classification is optional.  See the note at the end of this procedure before selecting one.  
  6. Add the UW NetIDs of initial members to the Members field
  7. Add initial Administrators or Member Managers to their respective fields
  8. Click Create group

    Groups may be classified according to UW Administrative Policy Statement 2.6 (Information Security Controls and Operational Practices). All groups are assigned "unclassified" status until an administrator has intentionally applied a "Public", "Restricted", or "Confidential" classification.