March 27, 2019 – Groups Service API v3 is recommended for production use. v3 includes JSON and has Swagger documentation.

Groups Service API v2 Resources

Version 2 supports the authnfactor, classification, membership dependency (dependson), and optin and optout ACLS.

Group Information

Get a group
Create a group
Update a group
Delete a group


Get membership
Get effective membership
Update membership
Delete membership


Get member(s)
Get effective member
Add member(s)
Delete member(s)



Group History

Get history

Group Affiliate

Get an affiliate
Set an affiliate
Delete an affiliate

Large membership changes

If you are making large membership changes, say more than a few hundred, your experience will be better if you split your activity into adds or deletes of fifty to a hundred members at a time.  This tends to give you immediate feedback on successful changes and avoids possible session or connection timeouts.

Use of POST method

Warning: This use of POST is deprecated and will not be supported in future API versions.

The Groups v2 API accepts the POST method for two purposes:

  1. URI too long
    If your uri would be too long for likely transport to the web service you may enclose it in a POST, with the elements:

    <span class="_method"> GET | PUT | DELETE </span>
    <span class="_uri"> uri </span>

    included in the POST document.  The path components of you actual URL must match those in the posted "_uri".

  1. PUT content too big
    If your PUT content would be too big for likely transport to the web service you may enclose it in a POST, with the element:

    <span class="_method">PUT</span>

    included in the POST document.

Sample Code

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