This document describes the different resources available through the Regid Resource.  


Attributes for the Regid resource are not currently described.  


Note:  Your application may not be authorized for all of these actions.  

Join Two Regids (POST)

You can join two regids with the following HTTP request:

POST {baseurl}/regid/{prior_regid}/join?to_regid={target_regid}

where {baseurl} is the base URL for the service, and {prior_regid} is the regid that will be abandoned in favor of the {target_regid}.  No payload is required, and it will be ignored if provided.  Details on parameters and schemas are available in the API Specification.  

When two regids are joined, {target_regid} becomes the regid for all records formerly associated with {prior_regid}.  The value of the "prior_regid" attribute for the new, merged record will be {prior_regid} as specified in the HTTP querystring.  Note merging two regids may result in more than one active UW NetID attached to the new, merged record.  Addressing this is outside the scope of this document.  The new, merged record can be searched for using either {prior_regid} or {target_regid}.



Most of these examples demonstrate query strings but a JSON payload example is provided at the end of this section.